Meet our team

Our professionals develop, implement, train and maintain AI solutions. Most of us can look back on several decades of hands-on experience in which science and practice reinforce each other. With our long history, AI is not a hype or something that is done aside. It is the core of our existence and has been since 1985.

André Baart

Product Lead Semantizer™

Studied Computer Science and Information Science (cum-laude) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Experienced in solving complex problems in challenging contexts. Winner of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation ‘High potential Award’ with his ‘Kasadaka’ research project, which provides illiterate West-African farmers with affordable ‘internet-like’ information services on their simple mobile phones.

Anna Bon

Program Manager AI4Good

Anna is an international IT project manager, researcher and senior consultant. As a project manager she was responsible for IT innovation projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. She is a part-time lecturer at the Computer Science faculty of the VU Amsterdam. Previously she worked as an IT consultant in the Netherlands.

Arjan Nusselder

Product Lead Geonizer™

Studied Artificial Intelligence at the UvA. Specialist in the field of machine learning, image recognition, natural language processing, Laravel, Geoserver, Google Cloud Engine and Tensorflow. Real builder of complex AI architectures, geosystems, self-learning algorithms and mobile platforms.

Asmar Berg

Sales Support

Our great commercial support. Result driven, creative and always motivated to develop and maintain valuable customer relationships. Researches market developments, observes opportunities and manages to make a perfect match between the needs of our customers and the solutions of Bolesian, time and time again.

Bas Zuidwijk


Started as an intern at Bolesian in 1994. Now CEO. A graduated knowledge engineer, forever fascinated by the effects of development and change on people. Creative connector, analytical thinker and pragmatic doer. With a strong focus on valuable innovation, always looking for the “yes”.

Chris van Aart


As CTO, Chris takes care of the daily management of Bolesian together with Bas. With a Ph.D. in AI, Chris is a specialist in machine learning, knowledge technology and intelligent agents. Building bridges between innovation, business and technology. Extensive experience with image recognition, data mining, geo analysis and self-organizing systems.

Christine Karman

AI Specialist

The Dutch leading lady of AI – Christine Karman – has been working in AI since the early ’90s, at BSO/AI and later in her own company Tryllian. She is currently involved in chat bots and language-processing neural networks. In addition, she has a thorough knowledge of software architecture.

Constance Slagmolen

Knowledge Analyst

Studied Psychology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Knowledge analyst and project manager. Specialist in the field of knowledge acquisition and domain analysis. Building bridges between people, organization and technology. Extensive experience in healthcare and the logistics domain.

Gertjan Beijer

Program Manager

Line and program manager with extensive experience in the field of knowledge technology, knowledge management and data mining / big data / statistics. The guiding motive in his career is the management and implementation of changes; introduce a clear vision, determine the corresponding strategy, followed by successful implementation. Still hands-on!

Gossa Lô

Product Lead Sentinizer™

Gossa got her master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at VU Amsterdam. She did research into identifying West African elements in folk tales with the help of Natural Language Processing. Most happy when solving problems. Has experience in the field of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Linked Data and ICT for Development (ICT4D).

Jan Wielemaker

AI Specialist

Pioneer in the field of innovative software and scientist at the University of Amsterdam. Has been building SWI-PROLOG for over 30 years, one of the most widely used AI programming languages. Expert in the field of natural language processing, linked open data and rule-based systems.

John van Vliet

AI Specialist

Enthusiastic experienced project manager with a Getting Things Done mentality. Has a passion for optimizing business processes by applying Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning. Besides project management experienced in Agile transitions and certified product owner and SAFe® 4 Agilist.

Kees Jan Verkerk

AI Specialist

Studied computer science and knowledge technology. Expert in lazy and greedy learning and process mining. Seasoned functional and technical designer and IT business analyst. Experience with applications in the areas of finance, healthcare and education.

Marieke van Erp

Knowledge Analyst

Language specialist leading the Digital Humanities Lab at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Humanities Cluster. She adapts semantic web and language technology research to the day-to-day use cases in various fields. Having worked with biologists, journalists, information specialists and humanities scholars, she is a seasoned expert in bridging different disciplines.

Martin Smit

Business Development

Experienced professional at the intersection of logistics, entrepreneurship and technology. Always looking for new options. From his experience with setting up new businesses, combined with running in innovation departments of medium and large organizations, he comes up with surprising insights for new products and ideas.

Victor de Boer

AI Specialist

Victor de Boer is assistant professor Artificial Intelligence at the VU University Amsterdam. He works on data integration, semantic data enrichment and knowledge sharing using Linked Data technology in various application areas such as cultural heritage, Digital Humanities and ICT for Development (ICT4D).

Wim van Stokkum

Knowledge Analyst

Graduated cum laude in AI & Knowledge Technology. Specialist in supervising strategic digital transformation programs. AI techniques are used here, not as an innovation initiative, but directly in the primary process in the service of intelligent personalized services. Wim is also active as a teacher of AI, process optimization and Business Rule Management.

Supervisory Board

Leen Zevenbergen


Founder of Bolesian in 1985 and now Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Describes himself as an ‘activist for a sustainable future’. A driven entrepreneur with a passion for sustainable organizations. From that passion also a co-founder and driving force behind B Lab Europe. Author of several management books, each of which became best sellers.

Hans Akkermans

Academic liaison

As a professor at the Faculty of Science at VU Amsterdam, he was on the frontlines of knowledge technology and artificial intelligence. Recognized worldwide as the founding father of CommonKADS. Makes the connection between technology and practical applications like no other to create future-proof value for people and organizations.

Avron Barr

USA liaison

Studied computer science, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science at Stanford University. Edited the 3-volume Handbook of Artificial Intelligence, which was widely read and helped define the field. Co-founded a successful Silicon Valley start-up, Teknowledge, and has spent his subsequent career helping innovators understand, explain and market technologically-advanced software.