Maximizing asset performance

Sentinizerâ„¢ monitors your assets and detects and classifies
any object or anomaly with unprecedented accuracy and speed.


Automatically spot deviations in visual data way beyond the capabilities of the human eye.


Instantly boost your assets performance with Sentinizer's unprecedented speed 24/7.


Produce the same high quality results over and over again based on human expertise and reasoning.

Product features

Hybrid technology

Easily find objects, deviations or other anomalies based on our next generation hybrid AI technology, using an enhanced combination of deep learning and knowledge reasoning.

Computer vision

Automatically get an understanding of the visual input data with our library of state-of-the-art computer vision modules to maximize monitoring and classification performance.

Expertise models

Use our sophisticated pre-built human expertise models to get the same - or even better - results an expert would be able to produce when assessing asset data.

Geo data

Combine classification results with geo data. Easily connect Sentinizer's output to your planning and scheduling, maintenance or other operational processes.


Get an overview of the detected objects or anomalies and easily compare the classified results.

Detailed inspections

Zoom in on classification results.

Location based

The combination with geo data enables you to access classification results based on location.

Valuable for many industries