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AI Inspiration

In half a day Bolesian takes you into the world of Artificial Intelligence. With our interactive workshop ‘AI Inspiration’ we immerse ourselves in the possibilities that artificial intelligence has to offer from a business point of view.

AI Inspiration

AI Inspiration approaches artificial intelligence from a business perspective. We bridge the gap between business and technology with a focus on the added value of AI in daily practice.

  • Learn the lingo. Get acquainted with concepts such as knowledge based systems, business rules, decision support, machine learning and deep learning, image recognition, natural language processing, intelligent agents, intelligence mining and data mining and others.
  • See examples of state-of-the-art applications in the commercial use of AI technology. Gain insight into the power of AI and the application areas that result from it.
  • Gain insight into the developments that we can expect in the AI field and discover how existing business models can benefit from AI.
  • Think and discuss the relationship between people and technology. How do we organize the relationship in such a way that we can benefit from the power of both? And how much autonomy do we actually want to give computers?
  • Enter into a dialogue about the opportunities that AI can offer your organization and your business. Discover how AI contributes to making your business smarter, faster and more personal.

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