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AI Development

Artificial Intelligence. We can tell you everything about it, explain it and make its value transparent. Together we can devise the most beautiful innovative applications and work them out into feasible, achievable and affordable concepts. What distinguishes us, however, is the fact that we can actually make the imagined innovations. We are the professionals who implement, train, maintain and integrate AI solutions into your existing IT infrastructure. And we’ve been doing that since 1985.

We develop intelligent systems for different applications in various branches. We focus on tasks such as classification and diagnosis, document analysis and decision support. Of course we ensure that your AI application seamlessly connects to and cooperates with your current systems.

Get the most out of classification and diagnosis

Using advanced AI learning technologies we classify objects on images, recognize patterns in big data and monitor business processes for anomalies or deviations. Smart, fast and 24/7. Also in combination with geo-data we identify targets and advising on follow-up actions.

Reveal the world behind your information

With Natural Language Processing (NLP) we analyse documents and enable automatic structuring and organizing of large quantities of digital information. We make information accessible, ordered by relevance and customized for specific users.

Take maximum advantage of your intellectual capital

Capitalize the knowledge and experience of your employees by deploying knowledge based systems to support decision making. We model expert knowledge in business rules and make the knowledge available to support assessment and advisory tasks.

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