Smart analysis and structuring

Province of Gelderland


Province of Gelderland



Semantizer™ is Bolesian’s solution for easily analyzing large quantities of unstructured information and extracting data. The platform automatically classifies and structures content and offers quick and easy access to the data you need.

Reducing nitrogen emissions and soil pollution are important environmental issues. Many local and regional authorities in the Netherlands need data that provides insight into the current situation in their management area. However, this data is not always available in a structured way. Within these government organizations there are innumerable documents in which the requested data is implicitly included. How do you extract the data from those documents? And how do you determine which documents are relevant at all in this process?

If the execution of a task requires human intelligence, but the handling of the task is inhumanly large, the deployment of artificial intelligence is valuable. Analyzing a document and extracting the relevant data is a task the requires human intelligence. However, processing thousands of documents requires an automated approach. Semantizer offers the solution.

Commissioned by the province of Gelderland, Semantizer was used to process a bulk of unknown documents. The platform is specifically looking for documents about soil remediation, livestock permits and agricultural subsidies. Semantizer analyzes the content of the documents, classifies the subject of the document and extracts relevant data from the document based on the subject. Finally, the platform structures the extracted data to fit a specific purpose.