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Get the most out of classification and diagnosis

Using advanced AI learning technologies our bots classify objects on images, recognize patterns in big data and monitor business processes for anomalies. Smart, fast and 24/7. In combination with geo-data our bots identify targets and advise on interventions.

Reveal the world hidden behind your digital information

With Natural Language Processing (NLP) we analyze documents and enable automatic structuring and organizing of large quantities of digital information. We make information accessible, ordered by relevance and customized for specific users.

Take maximum advantage of your intellectual capital

Capitalize the knowledge and experience of your employees by deploying knowledge based systems to support decision making. We model expert knowledge in business rules and make the knowledge available to support assessment and advisory tasks.

The story of

Bolesian was founded over three decades ago, as the first artificial intelligence company in the Netherlands. The time is now to optimally use our available resources and people to solve the major current issues: energy transition, education, safety, health and care. AI is an essential enabler. It is our mission to let directors and entrepreneurs experience how they can achieve their goals better, faster and more efficiently with the use of AI. With AI we get things done!

Your business smarter, faster or more personal with the help of AI?


Inspection of roads and waterways

Under the authority of Rijkswaterstaat, Bolesian developed a self-learning system for the inspection of national roads and waterways. The safety of infrastructure is partly determined by the presence of the right road furniture such as traffic signs, matrix signs, buoys …

Geo-referencing geotechnical surveys

The Hunze en Aa’s water board uses the Bolesian Geonizer platform for automatically classifying and geo-referencing geotechnical survey results. These surveys are about drilling, coring and sampling of soils. Many thousands of survey reports are available within …

Fraud detection for insurance claims

Commissioned by Achmea, KBC and AXA, Bolesian developed an international fraud detection network. In the case of international car accidents, about 7% to 10% of the reports present a form of fraud. The problem is that each country handles car insurance differently …

Meet our team

Bolesian is an organization of AI specialists who turn your ideas into successful business solutions.

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  • With our AI system for automatic diagnosis of the logistic postal chain, we can anticipate deviations in the process and adjust the deployment of people and resources accordingly. That saves time and money!

    Martin Smit
    Strategic Development, Sandd
  • With the deployment of AI, we can automatically handle inspections of national roads and waterways. This allows our inspectors to focus on the special situations and make better use of their expertise.

    Fulco Houtveen
    Product Manager Datalab, Rijkswaterstaat
  • We have been working on it for so long, but it is only recently that we have been able to create value on a large scale from the many possibilities that artificial intelligence offers us.

    Hans Akkermans
    Professor, Faculty of Science, VU Amsterdam